Speaking as a Father, you do your best to protect your children, in fact, it’s your duty as a father to do that. Whatever it takes, whatever trouble there is.

But what happens when that control, that protection, is out of your hands? What if you and your family are thrown a curve that you can’t control? How do you react? How do you continue to protect and help your children?

Meet Dave Abbey. He tells us of his remarkable story that many people unfortunately have to go through. He tells us of how his family and friends helped him and his wife Tracy when they dealt with their little girl, Faith’s illness.


Faith with Dave

Dave gives insight into his family’s journey through some scary times for Faith, how they have healed, and how they have developed a way to give back and help those wonderful organizations that assisted them in their time of need.


Give a listen and discover the Abbey Family’s inspiring story!



Thank You Dave!

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 This episode Produced by Fred Anjema                                                                            With special thanks to Dave Abbey