It’s springtime and May – with the warmer weather, out thoughts turn to the annual event known as Mother’s Day. It’s a time to take Mom for Brunch, find that special greeting card and a time to remember all of the special things – not to mention some life-saving crucial things that your Mom taught you while growing up.

I know not everyone has their Mom around. Some live in another country, some have never known their children, and some have passed and are no longer with us. Whatever the case may be, we all agree that Mothers are kind of crucial to all existence. Without them, where would we be? 

I’m so fortunate that my Mom is still with us – she lives only a short distance from us and truthfully, I probably don’t spend as much time as I should with her – although I’m sure she couldn’t wait for me to become independent and to no longer live at home…

I can’t count the many numerous things my Mom has taught me. There’s so many things that it immeasurable and impossible to count. One of my earliest memories is if my Mom and me saying goodbye to my brother as he went off to school for the day, and then I got to stay home with my Mom and do things like learn the alphabet, listen to music and much more.

I hope you take a moment to think about what your Mom means to you, what she’s done for you, the sacrifices she’s made for you. They are pretty darn incredible.

I sat down with my Mom and asked her some of my usual questions that I ask – she had some cool answers and has definitely had some very interesting experiences! I hope you enjoy!

Happy Mother’s Day Mom – Love you lots! 

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