You never know what life changes can happen in a moment. 

You do your thing: you go to work, you go to school, you do the things you do every day. You text, you eat, you laugh, you shop, you text some more. 

What if suddenly all of those normal things changed? What if something you said or did changed someone’s life forever? 

Meet Damieon Vella-Zarb. His life was changed forever in a moment. And not just one time. He has an amazing story of perseverance and tells us what it is like to have your life changed drastically – to have it altered in completely opposite ways. 

How often do you think of doing something for others? Even for just one person? Do you go through life with your head down and not really connecting with other people? What if the “Pay It Forward” concept really worked? Even tiny random acts of kindness can help make the world a better place.

Damieon lives with this philosophy. He tries to give back whenever he can and to be helpful whenever he can. He wants to help others and even in his work, he is always going out of his way to assist with others. He’s a fantastic individual who, in my opinion, has already lived a full life of experiences that many others haven’t!

Give a listen to his story and you’ll hear how he made it through some unique experiences and came out with valuable insight.

Thank You Damieon!


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 This episode Produced by Fred Anjema                                                                            With special thanks to Damieon Vella-Zarb