Episode 1: ADDICTION

I count myself as being very fortunate. I am fortunate to have a supportive family and supportive friends who have assisted me through various struggles I’ve had in the past. I’ve always managed to get through these struggles unscathed – not to say that I won’t forget about those struggles.  

It’s still possible that even with a strong support system, you can still find it very difficult to cope, to deal with past underlying issues, and to not fully understand how you’re feeling. This can lead to many different behaviors including behaviors that become destructive to yourself and others. 

Meet Dean Anderson – I’ve known him for several years and even after working side by side with him for all of those years, I had no idea of what he was going through. He explains what it’s like to go through life not fully understanding how to cope with past issues and how his behaviors led to a life of addiction.

Stanley Cup Champion Theo Fleury.  This was a great day! 

Listen to his story and what he has now chosen to do with his life – It’s very inspirational and Dean has now found some purpose in helping others through what he went through in the past. It’s quite an incredible story and one I am glad to share as the first ever episode of the show.

Thank You Dean!

Please be sure to check out what Dean is doing by visiting his website:

Dean Anderson

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 This episode Produced by Fred Anjema                                                                            With special thanks to Dean Anderson